Gary Rhodes RW1

Working with the late Gary Rhodes at his Dubai restaurant was a real privilege for UM content Collective, made all the more poignant by Gary’s untimely passing.

The Grosvenor House Hotel resident restaurant launched to critical acclaim, but with intense competition in the hospitality sector and a continual thirst for ‘newness’, it was just under a year before Gary wanted to reintroduce the Rhodes W1 concept. His brief was to remind his customers of the restaurant’s ethos and the philosophy behind his dining experience.

Not surprisingly the hero of the reel, aside from Rhodes himself, was the food and it was with this in mind that we captured the precision and freshness of the ingredients, employing simple videography techniques and the soundtrack crescendos to dramatise the action.

The opening treatment sees the restaurant literally turned on and spring to life, allowing a 12-second tour of the interior before focusing on the culinary magic of the brand. This particular showcase illustrates the beauty of simplicity in conveying quality and luxury. Sometimes less is so much more.

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