Why Your Strategy MUST include video

August 16, 2020

Cast your mind back to the last time you bought something or began your research prior to making a purchase. There’s a very high chance that video was instrumental in the discovery phase. Perhaps it was an explainer video on YouTube or maybe an influencer vlogging about the merits of the brand or product you were interested in. Maybe it was consumer-generated content or just a dreamy brand reel that made you feel part of the tribe.

Whichever way you slice it, video is more important than ever before, and your strategy is likely to be stronger as a result of its inclusion. So, what do you need to understand about video and why should it be an integral part of your strategy?  Read on for UMCC’s view on why you can’t live without video in your marketing armory.

Video is Multifaceted

Whatever your business, industry, brand or product, video has a place in your marketing and digital strategy. The hospitality trade can capture ambiance, service credentials and a flair for ingredients and cuisine while functional products like vacuum cleaners and clothing detergents can demonstrate and reinforce their claims right before your very eyes. Lifestyle brands can create a sense of belonging by depicting real-life expressions of their aspirational user personas (or at least carefully selected models and talent that sum up their brand values).

Even the most unpolished ‘how-to’ genre plays a pivotal role in showing a legion of crafters, techies and wannabe chefs how to master their trade.

These examples are by no means exhaustive. Think of almost any product or service and there is a piece of video footage that just waiting to be devoured by its prospective audience.

Video Doesn’t Have to Be Big Budget

The rise of social media, and its associated platforms, has fuelled the medium of video enormously. The likes of Tik Tok, Triller, Facebook Live and Instagram’s Stories have made it perfectly acceptable to use content with basic production values. It’s a misnomer that video output has to be Hollywood-blockbuster standard with mind blowing budgets. What matters is that the content is on brand, clear about its purpose and, ultimately, resonates with the end user.

Furthermore, the most voracious consumers of video, the Millennials and Gen Z’s, are predisposed to user generated content – borne out by a You Tube survey that placed high production quality and famous actors close to the bottom of the list when it came to the reasons they watched video.

The take-home here is to never discount video because you think you can’t afford it. It’s entirely possible that you could even leverage content created by some of your most avid fans and customers. And at the very least you should experiment with your smart phone and determine who are the most articulate or compelling spokespeople on camera. There’s very little risk in at least trying this route.

Consumers Rely On Video

Take a glance around public transport, at the airport and other public spaces. There’s overwhelming evidence that the consumption of video has become as commonplace as cleaning our teeth and it’s now so readily available on every major platform.

We defer to video for relaxation and escapism, as a means to pass time while in transit or waiting for friends to arrive for dinner.

We rely on video to help us make decisions about what we buy, where we holiday, where we shop and what and where we eat. We’ve come to expect it so much so that when we experience a brand that doesn’t invest in video, we may find ourselves seeking a replacement or alternative that does. Video signals current, contemporary and switched-on. Whatever the production values, video talks to us and entertains and educates us.

Think about your user personas and ask yourself what your consumer’s video needs are. How can you meet them? Can you fill a void or a moment in their lives that gives you the permission to build a more meaningful dialogue with them?

Video Adds Value

The use of video doesn’t necessarily have to be used as an overt selling offensive. Many brands use to great effect by simply entertaining or providing useful, actionable content not necessarily linked to product or an immediate call to action. It’s a clever way to permeate someone’s private space and become a trusted ally. Providing value in this way strengthens your engagement and smooths the path to purchase and loyalty. Many brands have found their route to market this way by starting out as a content provider and building sufficient trust to permit them to launch a product range. Consider You Tube sensation Zoella for example, and her now burgeoning beauty range.

If it helps, you can start by looking at your key content pillars and build out from there how you might add value for your consumer using video. If you’re not sure where to start we can help you with a mini strategy and brainstorming session.

It’s Where It’s At

You should never do something just because it’s in fashion or because everyone else is doing it. That said there is a point at which something reaches such critical mass that it’s hard to avoid it. Video falls into this category.

It’s been around since 1951 so it’s not exactly new but the way it is now infiltrating every facet of our daily lives is.

Avoid video at your peril. Most Millennials and Gen Z’s struggle to function without it so if you’re attempting to market to them without video in your strategy, you’re dead in the water.

In a fast-paced world where time is ever pressing, consumers want to be entertained, coached and informed, and video is absolutely where it’s at. Go on, ask Alexa. You Tube is the second most popular website after the mighty Google and users view more than 1 billion hours of video on You Tube daily.

Humans are visual and tactile beings. If we can see something, we can understand it and believe it. Which do you prefer? Read the onerous 62-page IKEA manual or watch the You Tube explainer?

Video is stimulating, memorable and engaging. More often than not, it cuts through more easily than words on a page and it’s by far the most popular content out there. Generally speaking, consumers are happy to be marketed to by video. It’s a growing sector that shows no signs of slowing. Marketers know this but often feel they lack the time, expertise and budget to produce the video content their audience craves.

Video is essential and it’s more within your reach than you think. Find out how video can transform your strategy and your relationship with your consumers. Get in touch now and we’ll even send you a personalised mini intro video to show you how we practice what we preach.