Farzi Cafe

Drilling down into the heart of Farzi’s brand DNA at the outset drove the creative concept for this piece.

When we were commissioned by the Prince of Indian cuisine’, Zorawar Kalra, to capture the essence of this modern Indian bistro, we set about learning everything we could about the Massive Restaurants Group. The group was established with the aim of developing restaurant brands that specialise in showcasing the evolution of Indian cuisine and putting it permanently on the global map.

We knew that the key to the concept lay in creating a visual journey that stimulated and evoked the senses, making the viewer compelled to visit and sample the wares of this new launch eatery. Opting for a slow-motion approach allowed us to emphasise the action, highlighting the precision of all elements of the operation from preparation and cuisine to service and guest experience. Calm, deliberate and stylish, the reel captures Farzi’s heart and soul. The devil is in the detail.

Farzi Social

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