Le Royal Meridien Dubai

Creating brand consistency comes from what you say, show and do. In the case of luxury concepts and brands, image is everything and so it stands to reason that the imagery you create should be wholly consistent with the experience your customers can expect to receive.

Imagery is the first part of the dream and aspiration. It is the lure, the pull and what precipitates the ‘I want to be right there, right now’ emotion. Your imagery should transport your audience into another world. It should move them to action and be the call to action to enquire, book, share or comment.

A comprehensive library of images puts you in control of your brand and allows you to communicate your USP’s and proposition with confidence, but it also permits you to take advantage of ad hoc opportunities and respond swiftly to impromptu openings.

In a fast-moving world where the visual trumps almost all other media vehicles, a brilliantly executed suite of images is an absolute must.