The Burnt Chef Project

The work of Kris Hall and his mental health charity was brought to the fore during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. Kris was keen to highlight the plight of stressed chefs and those working in the hospitality trade, raising awareness of the need for employers to take responsibility for their employees’ mental and physical wellbeing.

Fearing that the crisis would add more pressure to those experiencing mental health issues, Kris wanted to use the power of video to depict a real-life story of someone affected by the pressures of the industry.
A national lockdown precluded a physical shoot, so we got creative with stock footage, a remotely recorded voiceover and a script we produced ourselves.
This project demonstrates what can be achieved with a high degree of creativity and flexibility and expert post-production. Barriers are only what we perceive them to be.
We knew that the key to the concept lay in creating a visual journey that stimulated and evoked the senses, making the viewer compelled to visit and sample the wares of this new launch eatery. Opting for a slow-motion approach allowed us to emphasise the action, highlighting the precision of all elements of the operation from preparation and cuisine to service and guest experience. Calm, deliberate and stylish, the reel captures Farzi’s heart and soul. The devil is in the detail.
The Burnt Chef Project
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